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Pipe Masters Academy

Pipe Masters Academy: 5 reasons for training investment

The bet on professional training is, increasingly seen, as an investment with return. A certification in given area is an asset in the effective execution of a job. This can also play a decisive role in leveraging future professional opportunities in several areas, including welding. The Welding is a process used in many of the […]

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Manutenção Industrial

Industrial Maintenance: 4 benefits for an effective preventive plan

A preventive maintenance plan is a record of all preventive maintenance activities, as well as their frequency, periodicity, location of the equipment, materials and parts to be used and who are the professionals responsible carrying out the activity. This plan must be designed in a way to support all professionals so that everyone involved can […]

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Projetos internacionais Pipe Masters

Main International Projects carried out by Pipe Masters

  There is an increasing need to look for specialized companies to carry out certain projects.In view of the considerable increase in the subcontracting of specialized companies, Pipe Masters offers its services in the areas of welding, metalworking, engineering and projects to fill internal needs. Experience, confidence and know-how of qualified human resources that, under […]

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manutenção industrial

Industrial Maintenance: Know the 3 main types of Maintenance for your company!

Industrial maintenance  corresponds to a set of operational, which aim at the proper functioning of equipment and installations, guaranteeing that these are intervened in due time, in order to prevent damage from occurring and cause a decrease in performance.   Maintenance is thus the combination of management, technical and economic tasks, applied with a view […]

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Pipe Masters: What they say about us?

  Fruit of the great experience and hight commitment of the Pipe Masters team, we have received several testimonials that, by transmitting the hight satisfaction of our customers, give us an enormous strength and will to do more and better, continuing to work day after day in the best way we have always used to […]

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