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Pipe Masters Academy: 5 reasons for training investment

The bet on professional training is, increasingly seen, as an investment with return. A certification in given area is an asset in the effective execution of a job. This can also play a decisive role in leveraging future professional opportunities in several areas, including welding. The Welding is a process used in many of the […]

Welding: 7 Advantages of our training program for companies!

Welding is a process used in many of the materials with which we cross everyday. Because it has such varied use, it is a procedure that is also constantly evolving. New techniques are emerging and these are perfected over time. For this reason, in this sector of activity, training is so important. At Pipe Masters, […]

Welding: Know the TIG process advantages and our Training Program

In welding, the Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) is one of several processes used by metallurgical professionals. At Pipe Masters, we often rely on this procedure, since we produce various types of industrial pipes. Our rehabilitation project for the RADAG dam, in Germany, is an example of this. Until the completion of the restructuring, our welders […]

Training plan: get to know the 4 Steps to be successful!

A training plan for human resources is crucial, especially in Metalworking and Welding areas. Sharing knowledge and skills with employees is a great way to drive their good performance. At the same time, it allows companies to hold more and more qualified professionals. This facilitates rapid adjustment to the needs of the surrounding market and […]

Work accidents and Importance of prevention

  The definition of an accident at work is regulated by law no. 98/2009, 04 the September, article 8.  It’s based on as a sudden and unforeseen event, suffered by the employer that occurs at the place at time of work and directly or indirectly produces bodily injury, functional perturbation or  illness that results in […]