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The main welding procedures

In an increasing competitive industry there is always a constant demand for new procedures, in which the stability between productivity, quality, costs and safety are balanced. For this reason, in this sector of activity, training is so important. Aware of the importance of promoting this updated training and providing an effective response to the labor […]

Welding: Risks inherent to welding processes and preventive measures

Welding is an operation that allows two or more metallic and plastic elements to be connected; There are several types of welding, depending on the elements to be connected; Whatever the process to be used, the welding activity carries several risks , so the professionals of this activity must be well aware of its main […]

MIG MAG welding : Find out what it is and its advantages!

Currently the industrial market is very competitive, so techniques have been developed to increase productivity without neglecting the quality of services. One of the most used techniques is the MIG MAG welding The MIG MAG welding, MIG from Metal Inert Gas and MAG from Metal Active Gas, it’s a fusion welding process widely used in […]

Get to know the main applications of TIG Welding method

TIG Welding (Tungsten Inert Gas) is a method that has significant benefits and, consequently, is widely used in several industrial sectors. The quality and reliability of the welds produced through this technique make it appropriate to be used in nuclear and aerospace industries. The high velocities this procedure is capable of achieving make it ideal […]

Orbital Welding: Know what it is and discover its advantages!

Don’t know the Orbital Welding process yet? If we talk about TIG Welding (Tungsten Inert Gas), it may be more familiar. The truth is Orbital Welding is nothing more than a TIG Welding type. It is called Orbital because, in this case, is realized by equipment (welding head) which ensure the tungsten electrode arch spins […]