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Pipe Masters Academy

The bet on professional training is, increasingly seen, as an investment with return. A certification in given area is an asset in the effective execution of a job. This can also play a decisive role in leveraging future professional opportunities in several areas, including welding.

The Welding is a process used in many of the materials with which we cross everyday. Because it has such varied use, it is a procedure that is also constantly evolving. New techniques are emerging, and these are perfected over time. For this reason, in this sector of activity, training is so important.

At Pipe Masters, as experts in this area, we are fully aware of this. Thus, we offer different welding courses (MIG MAG, TIG, SMAW, Welding by mirror). We have courses aimed at professionals, but not only! Companies can also count on us to teach welding classes to their employees.



Welding Training for Companies

At Pipe Masters, we recognize the importance and value of human resources. Our specialized professionals are the ones who promote business continuity and success.

We want other companies to also ensure that their welders meet the high demands of the market. That is why we offer various training courses, not only at the Pipe Masters Academy, but also at the facilities of the companies that hire us.

Regardless of the area where your business is based, we move to you and we adapt our courses to the needs of your company. So just tell us what you need.



Welding Training for professionals

In order to train qualified and excellence professionals, we created courses directed to different levels of experience. They are suitable not only for beginners, but also for those who have been working in this industry for some years. The trainers also have the possibility to choose an individualized course and adjusted to their needs or choose one those that are part of our training plan.

Pipe Masters Academy has 8 individual and independent training booths. So that each trainee has his own space with a welding machine and with the necessary means for an individualized course. We are careful to limit the size of the classes so that we can optimize the practical component of the courses and maximize learning.


5 reasons for to invest in training:

The benefits of training are increasingly valued. In this article we present 5 reasons why investing in professional training is a good bet.



  1. More productivity;
  2. Reduction of costs;
  3. Market differentiation;
  4. Higher probability of professional insertion;
  5. Training adapted to the daily reality of work.




Do you want to know more about our training offer? Leave us your data! One of our specialists will contact you to provide with all the information about our welding training.





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