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curvar tubos

Bending pipes doesn’t have to be a complex or lengthy process. At Pipe Masters, we have the latest technology in this area. The acquisition of machine for bending pipes, the model MDH 60 – CN2 from Amob, allowed us to optimize and perfect this procedure. In this way, we have been able to provide a faster service and with quality to customers who need curved parts for their projects.

To better understand the bending pipes procedure with this equipment, we have made a demonstrative video.


Processo de Curvatura de Tubos

[Vídeo]Desta vez na nossa rubrica Vídeo, mostramos um pouco do processo para curvar tubos! Como vê, é uma tecnologia simples, limpa e eficaz! ✌#PipeMasters #CurvarTubos

Publicado por PipeMasters, Lda em Terça-feira, 7 de Novembro de 2017


As you can see, with this machine, the process is extremely simple. The operator can bend pipes quickly. In addition, it has the possibility to program the equipment to bend more complex pieces. This allows you to perform bending on pipes of several materials and for clients from various sectors of activity.


5 Advantages of using a pipe bending machine


The use of an electromechanical machine is an added value because it represents one of the most recent advances in metallurgy. Consequently, it translates into a number of benefits, not only in production, but also in financial terms.

We will now outline some of the advantages of using the bending pipes apparatus.

  1. Speed and effectiveness;
  2. Increased productivity;
  3. Reduced cost;
  4. Higher accuracy;
  5. Guarantee of customer satisfaction.


The use in products of several sectors of activity


By making it possible to extend our intervention area in the metallurgical sector, this machine for bending pipes also represents a competitive advantage. This is due to the fact that the technology can be used, with a guarantee of optimum realization and efficiency, in a great diversity of products, namely:

  • Industrial piping;
  • Materials for the automotive sector;
  • Parts and components for motorcycles;
  • Structures for trampolines and other equipment in the Fitness area;
  • Creation of bicycles and their components (such as guiders);
  • Several accessories.


Want to know more about the service we provide at Pipe Masters? Do you want to ask for a budget to bend a certain quantity of pieces? Talk to one of our experts and make sure you get quality curved tubes at competitive prices!




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