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Pipe Masters


Pipe Masters was founded in 2003 by Marco Oliveira. Initially, his garage was is workshop and the car his office. With few resources, but a lot of determination, the company grew, being today a reference company in the areas in which it operates.


A little bit about Marco Oliveira

The world of metalomechanic isn’t new for Marco Oliveira. He has always been active in this area, first as a welder, evolving to production director, role that he played in large companies and organizations.

It was in this condition that, after the bankruptcy of the company where he performed, Marco assumed the continuity of the works, ensuring the employability of the employees involved and assuming the conclusion of the various projects. It was that way that Pipe Masters was born.


Pipe Masters was born out of a dream

Pipe Masters comes at a time when opportunities were not many, but his experience and knowledge would guarantee his success. Marco invited his childhood friend, Marco who was finishing the Welding course at the time, to join the market.

With some (few) welding machines and tools, they started to work. Quickly, they moved from their garage to a 500m2 industrial warehouse.


It was in this phase that the Pipe Masters Academy emerged: Welding Training Center.

The Pipe Masters Academy was born out of a protocol between Pipe Masters and IEFP, which remains until today. This project was established with the aim of enhancing the city’s entrepreneurship, encouraging the qualification of professionals for an increasingly competitive, global and demanding job market and generating new job opportunities.


In 2014 Pipe Masters started to work at his first big project, for the Takasago Group, at New York City. In this project, from pre-fabrication to in-site assembly, there were more than 26000 meters of pipes with diameters between 26 and 48mm. This project allowed the company to stand out in the national and international market. Since that moment renowned clients were reached that allowed Pipe Masters to be present in markets such as Germany, Malaysia, the United States and Madagascar.

That same year, the company carried out its first project for Voith Hydro, a business partner it maintains until today.

At this time there was a change in the Pipe Masters Society, with Marco’s partner leaving and Carlos Barros joining the company.


Pipe Masters nowadays

Pipe Masters recently moved to new facilities. With this new space Pipe Masters can continue to invest in the quality of the services that provides. Aligned with the growth strategy, this new phase will allow us to continue with the mission in an increasingly competent and expanded way of offering distinctive and excellent services to our customers. The new facilities allowed to increase and optimize the production process making it more efficient and effective in all aspects.


Currently, Pipe Masters are present in big international , namely in England, Canada and Australia. A little by little Pipe Masters assert themselves like an each time relevant player in the market, however the secret for sustained growth is to keep present the pillars by which the company has always been guided : quality, professionalism, availability and innovation.


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