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Welding appears to be a simple process, but it is not. The complexity of this procedure and the increasingly demanding market forces professionals in this area to constantly update their knowledge and methods.

At Pipe Masters, we have seen over the years that there was a lack of training in this area. Therefore we’ve tried to bridge it by creating the Pipe Masters Academy!


How did Pipe Masters Academy started?


Our training center has emerged to meet the needs of the welding market. As specialists in this industry, we found that welders needed to be perfected. In order to provide an effective response it was essential to have theoretical and, above all, practical knowledge to enable them to meet the requirements.

In order to train qualified and excellence professionals, we created courses directed to different levels of experience. They are suitable not only for beginners, but also for those who have been working in this industry for some years. The trainees also have the possibility to choose an individualized course and adjusted to their needs or choose one of those that are part of our training plan.

Pipe Masters Academy has 22 individual and independent training booths. All are properly equipped with an articulated arm adaptable to the different positions. There is also a high frequency/electrode TIG welding machine, as well as the tools and means required for individualized training.

There are also four MIG MAG synergetic machines, preparation and maintenance benches, welding fumes extractors, automated oxyfuel table, pipe positioner and electrode heater.

In order for each trainee to have his or her own welding machine, we are careful to limit the size of the classes. Thus, we can optimize the practical component of the courses and maximize the learning.


What welding courses are available?


The training offered at the Pipe Masters Academy combines the practical and theoretical components. The different levels available allow each trainee to choose the course that is right for him/her. Currently, the offer includes formations in the following welding processes:


At Pipe Masters Academy, it is still possible to find training solutions for business. Welding courses can be taught at company sites in any part of Portugal.

These trainings are always suited to the needs of each organization’s workforce. In this way, it is guaranteed that the professionals of the various entities are duly updated and qualified.

This academy is integrated in a company specialized not only in welding but also in the assembly and prefabrication of industrial piping. Learn more about Pipe Masters in the presentation prepared for you. Download it for free and get all the information you need about our services in the metalworking area!





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