6 factors to take into account before preparing an industrial design

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A successful work project must have in it base an industrial design a carefully prepared. Regardless of activity sector or the construction to be carried, each company must structure and plan, in advance, all pomerons.

The industrial design must be intelligible, once a bridge between the costumer and production. The customer and workshop must be able to visualize it in the same way so that there is clear understanding of what is intended; however, this practice doesn’t dispense a meticulous monitoring in production, so that you can clarify doubts that arise during the preparation process for manufacture.


6 factors into account before preparing the draw

1. phase of survey
This phase marks the project beginnings! Firstly, is necessary do a study about the viability of the material to be used in production.


2. Workplace
Before preparing the drawing it’s necessary to understand and to know the workplace, as well as the space available.


3. Know the dimensions required by costumer
At this stage, it is necessary to know the dimensions desired by the client to understand if they are the most suitable for the dimension of the project.


4. Market Research
Doing the market study is important in any project, to know what already exist in the market. In the case of industrial design, this study is crucial to understand what types of products or alternatives exist for a better final product.


5. In the case of metallic structures calculations are necessary for; weights, resistances and others factors.


6. The must important is product functionality and price/quality ratio for the costumer.


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