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A preventive maintenance plan is a record of all preventive maintenance activities, as well as their frequency, periodicity, location of the equipment, materials and parts to be used and who are the professionals responsible carrying out the activity.

This plan must be designed in a way to support all professionals so that everyone involved can carry out the tasks safely and with high quality index. There should also all information that instructs employees and for what serve as a basis for decision making.

All tasks of maintenance sector must be planned in advance sine this planning is directly related to the reduction of maintenance costs and the elevation of important indicators such as availability among others.


In order to understand the advantage of having industrial maintenance planned in advance, we will now explain what each of the 4 benefits of applying an effective preventive plan consists of:


4 Benefits of implementing an effective preventive plan

  1. Security

The industrial maintenance actions also represent a security for the physical integrity of employees. Equipment that is up to date can avoid problems such as electrical overload, explosion, among other hazards.


  1. Quality

    The Industrial Maintenance interventions also aim to guarantee the quality of the final product and the entire production process. With frequent maintenance, the various equipment has higher efficiency and works in the best conditions. In this way, the probability of occurrence of defectsin the final product is reduced.

  2. Costs

    Since it reduces to the maximum the chances of failureand production stop, the maintenances ensure the profitability of your business. If there are no anomalies, there are no expenses with equipment repairs which are sometimes more expensive than the maintenance itself.

Without oscillations in production, profits are also assured. In addition, attesting the proper functioning, there is no need to purchase new machinery. The costs reduction in the company is therefore guaranteed.


  1. Availability

    Betting on Industrial Maintenanceis ensuring the constant availability of various equipment. In order for your company to be profitable, it is crucial to avoid production failures and ensure that the need to immobilize equipment is reduced to the maximum. In this context, maintenance actions play a significant role.Once interventions are planned, significant reductions in production volume can be avoided. On the other hand, it ensures that the equipment is fully functional, increasing its useful time.

Do you want to ensure the smooth functioning of all mach? Talk to one of our specialists and discover the benefits each practice can bring to your company.



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