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Manutenção Industrial

Industrial Maintenance is essential to ensure the proper functioning of the several equipments used in a company. As we explained in an article published on our blog, this practice extends the use of machines and, at the same time, reduces the expenses with malfunctions.

One technique widely used in Industrial Preventive Maintenance is Flushing. It is an innovative procedure that consists of the internal cleaning of the several pipes of the machines and industrial systems. It is performed through the use of many filters – which retain impurities – during a fluid recirculation process. This is done at high speed and with high turbulence.

What makes up a Flushing unit is the combination of several factors, such as speed, pressure, turbulence, oil heating and particle counter. This is the only way to remove all the contaminants that affect the performance of industrial equipments.



Flushing as an Industrial Maintenance process


Daily use causes the hydraulic systems and circuits of industrial equipment contamination by debris that lodges in the walls of the pipes. This is, in fact, one of the major causes of breakdowns.

To avoid damage and ensure that the quality of production is not compromised, frequent maintenance is essential. This is where Flushing comes in.

This is an important procedure because, by promoting the internal cleaning of the appliances, it preserves the respective components. Simultaneously, it maintains the productive quality and the good performance of the equipment, avoiding damages.



Pipe Masters has a unique Flushing machine in Portugal!


Pipe Masters has a recent Flushing unit. The machine is unique in Portugal since it has capacity for pipes up to 5 inches. Therefore, it can be used in different types of industries for Industrial Preventive Maintenance actions.

The equipment counts and filters particles in the several hydraulic circuits. It also has a tank with 900 liters of capacity that makes it possible to carry out pressure tests up to 400BAR.

Thanks to this Flushing device, Pipe Masters performs interventions, in the field of Industrial Preventive Maintenance, which allow to increase the useful life of the customers‘ equipment. This results in a reduction in the number of failures and, undoubtedly, in a cutback of the costs associated.


Would you like to ensure a good performance and increase the useful time of the equipment installed in your company? Have questions or would you like to know more about Flushing? Talk to one of our experts and understand how betting on this practice can benefit your organization’s productivity.




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