Internationalization: Safe bet or a threat to the companies?

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Internationalization is becoming a strategy for many national enterprises. In recent decades, the globalization of markets is an increasingly evident reality. This does not just apply to major corporations groups but also to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

In this global scenario, new actors, different business models and more developed trading platforms began to appear. Which may seem a threat to some, represents new opportunities to others.


Internationalization: A Threat or an Opportunity?


With the introduction of new players in diverse national markets, the internationalization can be seen by the enterprises as a threat or as an opportunity.

The threat is felt by the stagnated businesses, in enterprises that do not have the possibility/capacity to innovate or to remain competitive towards a larger number of competitors.

The opportunity presents to the companies which have a saturated national market. They found in the internationalization, the solution to acquire new clients and to ensure some stability provided by the presence in several markets. The internationalization also represents the push they need to invest in development, innovation and expansion.


Invest or not in international markets?


To succeed in the business world is fundamental to have the capacity for adaptation to new realities. The globalization of markets is one of them. If a company has human resources and financial to launch themselves in the international market, they should do it.

The expansion strategy of an abroad business should, however, be well planned. Is not recommended to enter a market without making a prior assessment, without study how the competition acts and which consumer needs that the market has. Therefore, the key-word to international success is to plan!


Internationalize is Pipe Masters’ watchword!


Since its creation, Pipe Masters acts in many industrial sectors. The demand for the services it provides has always been global so there was no point in limiting it to the national market. It was necessary to be where the clients were.

Therefore, our enterprise realized the importance of investing in the foreign market. We defined a clear international strategy and with a well-defined objective: respond with efficiency and professionalism to all the metalworking and mechanical engineering necessities requested by our clients. The internationalization plan paid off and the enterprise has been requested to many projects abroad.

However, it is necessary to consider that the success of organization internationalization also depends of the customer perception in relation to the services’ attributes. Many times, they are not sensitive about the service elemental characteristics but to the combination of them, they are. The company should respond to their clients expectations.

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