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The metalworking industry, as well as any industry sector, deal with the need to produce more at a lowest possible cost. In order to give an answer to this pretension, solutions were created to promote productivity and, simultaneously, optimize costs and resources. This led to the origin of industrial skids.


What are industrial skids?


The industrial production lines are composed of various processes and equipments. With the purpose of optimizing the installation of those equipments and increasing productivity, industrial skids were created. In other words, customized and compact systems of metalworking construction.

The industrial skid is, essentially, an unique metallic structure where various equipments are mounted in order to realize a process. Many times, these metalworking solutions are developed to replace an obsolete procedure or to introduce a new one. Several industrial skids can be included in a production line.


How is this metalworking solution elaborated?


In order to create a efficient industrial skid, is crucial to conceive a construction plan which includes details pertaining to his future use.

Which fluids is it going to transfer? Which is the available area to the installation? In which environment will the industrial skid be placed? Which is the compressed air pressure? In which phase of the assembly line will it be added? Which electrical voltage will be used? These are some of the basic information that must be on the project.

Using this data permits to creat structures that fulfils the company’s needs and especially meet their safety rules and their quality and ergonomics standards.


6 Main advantages of industrial skids


  1. Industrial process optimization
  2. Increased productivity
  3. Fast and simple installation
  4. Easy to move to other installations or to other stages of production
  5. Possible use in several industry sectors (naval, food, automotive, etc.)
  6. Reduced operational cost


Improve your company production process!


Pipe Masters, a reference company in the metalworking field, is a specialist in industrial equipment construction. According to the safety norms, schemes and the continuous project information, Pipe Masters produces industrial skids to different types of industries.

Our highly trained experts perform in-site installation of this metalworking solutions. Therefore, not only ensure that all functionalities stay entirely operational but also guarantee production efficiency of the industrial skids implemented on the clients’ facilities.

Take advantage of the application benefits of industrial skids in your company. Contact our Pipe Masters’ experts, let us know your needs and receive a budget without any commitment.




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