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Soldadura MIG MAG

Currently the industrial market is very competitive, so techniques have been developed to increase productivity without neglecting the quality of services. One of the most used techniques is the MIG MAG welding

The MIG MAG welding, MIG from Metal Inert Gas and MAG from Metal Active Gas, it’s a fusion welding process widely used in the industry for its versatility and productivity enhancing capability.

This method is technically referred to as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW).

Continued evolution has made the process applicable to welding all commercially important metals such as steels, aluminium, stainless steels, copper and others.


What is  MIG MAG welding ?

The MIG MAG welding process is a semi-automatic welding technique in which the heat required for the fusion between the filler and the base material is supplied by an electric arc.

This arc is formed between a consumable powered electrode wire and the base metal.

The melt bath, the droplets of filler material and the weld bead are protected from the atmosphere by the flow of an inert or active gas (or phase mixture).



5 Main advantages of MIG MAG Welding

  1. The process can be performed in numerous positions;
  2. No need for slag removal;
  3. More economical use since there is no loss of tips as in the coated electrode for exemple;
  4. Possibility of increased productivity;
  5. Can be easily automated or mechanized.



At Pipe Masters we always work with the most advanced technology!


As a company specialized in welding and assembling industrial pipelines, Pipe Masters has various welding techniques available , including MIG MAG welding. 

This technique is applied daily  in various areas such as fabrication of components and structures, automotive industries, maintenance of equipment and metal parts, recovery of worn parts and others.

At Pipe Masters we have a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment that enables us to manufacture various parts in different industries, always ensuring quality and safety.

Have questions? Talk to our experts and prove it for yourself! Leave us your details. We will contact you to explain the advantages of our welding services.





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