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Soldadura Orbital

Don’t know the Orbital Welding process yet? If we talk about TIG Welding (Tungsten Inert Gas), it may be more familiar. The truth is Orbital Welding is nothing more than a TIG Welding type.

It is called Orbital because, in this case, is realized by equipment (welding head) which ensure the tungsten electrode arch spins around (orbit) the material to be welded. Because it is a process that circumvents the object (which could be still or not), it is frequently used not only to weld pipes or tubes but also in difficult access situations.

The Orbital Welding first appearance was in the 1960s through the aerial industry. The need to perform detailed interventions in pipes and aerial hydraulic lines lead to the creation of a more reliable fusion technique. Therefore, an automated, machining and programmable process, which generates high-quality welds, has emerged.


6 Main advantages of Orbital Welding

Since we are talking about a fully mechanized procedure, ultimately it has various benefits. Bellow, we highlight the main ones.


  1. High Quality

When correctly programmed, the Orbital Welding’s machine produces a high-quality and precision weld. In some applications, such as semiconductors, this process is the only one that ensures great results.


  1. Higher Productivity

Since this technique allows to weld in a mechanically and on a consistent form, the increased productivity is guaranteed.


  1. Error Reduction

The device, which makes the weld, is entirely programmable. Therefore, it permits to repeat processes and, consequently, removes the possibility of occurring errors in the welding activity.


  1. High-Level Practicality

With Orbital Welding, it becomes possible to perform procedures in cases of restricted spatial conditions, where a welder would not work with precision or in unsafe locations. Furthermore, the use of this equipment allows realizing interventions in any position and in immovable pipping.


  1. Cost Reduction

In this technique, the whole process is undertaken by one machine, so there is no need to hire highly qualified people to realize the intervention.


  1. Higher Security

Taking into account that the welder’s work is replaced by the machine’s, the intervention becomes safer to the involved professionals.


At Pipe Masters, we have cutting-edge technology!

As a welding and industrial piping mounting specialized company, Pipe Masters follows and realizes interventions with different techniques, including the orbital welding. Nowadays, many industries turn to this type of technology due to its specificities. Apart from Aerial, also the Nuclear, Food, Pharmaceutical, Offshore and Semiconductor industries use this technique.

To perform various activities in these sectors, Pipe Masters dispose of the latest technology equipment, capable to weld with high precision and consistency. We guarantee quality in the interventions and ensure everything goes without failures.

Do you have any doubts? Contact our specialists and see it by yourself. Leave us your contact information.  One of our experts will contact you in order to explain to you our welding services advantages.





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