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The risk assessment is a one of the main tools in a safety management system and a legal obligation of the employers. This, allows you to plan and organize the safety management in order to prevent the occurrence of work accidents and professional diseases.


Prevention measures in workplace are aimed to reduce the existing risks and the possible consequences, since it isn´t possible to eliminate all the danger. Thus, it is crucial to identify correctly the hazards and risks assessment in order to know the appropriate level of risk.

The metalworking sector represents an activity with a large number of accidents at work, including serious and fatal accidents.


The services of the SST of an organization have the purpose to ensure the safety conditions and healthy of their workers.  In regard this, the employer has obligations (article 15 of Law nº102/2009, 9 of 1 0 September, amended by law nº3/2014, 28 January).


Risk assessment allows to:

  • Determine the level of the risk.
  • To choose action priorities
  • Establish the prevention measures or corrective
  • Verification the functionality of the measures existents
  • Detect the training need of workers
  • Allow workers to participate


Professional Risk Management Process 


Professional risk management must be understood as a dynamic process and technical or scientific which aims to, eliminate, minimize, or control the professional risk of the workers at the workplace. This process allows to employers to take prevention and corrective measures more efficiently and make it possible to define actions priorities that effectively assured and/or improve health and safety of the workers.

An appropriate assessment of occupational risks forms the bases of an effective management in health and work safety, being a fundamental tool for occupational risks prevention and, consequently, the reduction of accidents at work and occupational dieses.


This process develops in three main areas: risk analysis, risk assessment, and risk management.


Risk assessment at Pipe Masters

There are a several methods we used as tools for risk analysis, generally Pipe Masters uses the Probability and Consequences Methods, with the purpose of quantification the risks and their ranking faced with intervention priorities, this method was developed for INSHT – Instituto Nacional de Seguridad e Higiene en el Trabajo based on a model designed for Kinney.
The starting point is the detection of the non conformities at the workplace for, thereafter, to proceed the estimate probability of an accident and, considering the magnitude, assess the risk associated with each consequences. This model presents the levels of risk, probability and consequences, broken down on a scale with several possibilities.


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