SMAW Welding: A Very Economic and Versatile Method!

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The SMAW Welding – Shielded Metal Arc Welding it’s one of the processes used by Pipe Masters’ welders. Despite the fact that we are dealing with manual welding, it is among the most used in this sector, for offering some beneficial characteristics.


The main advantages of SMAW Welding

The use of coated electrode is a common process due to three main reasons: economy, versatility and portability.

Compared to other techniques, the SMAW Welding is the cheapest one, since it doesn’t require a high investment. There is no need in acquiring a lot of appliance and the equipment used in this technique may also be usefully applied to other areas.

This is also an extremely versatile process which can be used in an indoor or outdoor environment. Allows you to weld in diverse positions and all kind of materials since there is a wide range of electrodes. In addition, it can be applied in equipment maintenance situations already existing.

Portability is another characteristic of this process. Considering that it depends mainly on the welder’s capabilities and requires a few types of equipment, we can use CEW Welding in several locations or situations, including underwater!


What is Shielded Metal Arc Welding?

As the name says, this technique consists of the use of a coated electrode that merges with the welding part, due to a fusion bath made by the heat of the electric arc.

During the welding process, are produced gases that protect from the atmospheric contamination. This method requires expertise, experience and knowledge from the welder because of the fact that it is an exclusively manual technique.


Why should you invest in this technique?

If you are new to this welding process, why not invest in a formation? First, a good welder should know multiple techniques, in part because each one has potentialities which can be used in several activities. Second, because SMAW Welding is a manual process that allows you to acquire dexterity and improve your technique as a welding professional. The more knowledge you have, more easily will you accomplish perfect welds!


SMAW Welding Training in Pipe Masters Academy

Pipe Masters provides several courses in its training center, one of them being the Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW).

If you are considering acquiring more knowledge about this technique or if you have a business and want to provide training to your employees, take a look at the programmatic content of this course. The acquisition of new knowledge in welding field is always an asset and can ensure successful execution of various activities.

Get to know our formation offers in Pipe Masters Academy or clear your doubts about SMAW Welding. Please send us your personal information. One of our experts will contact you in order to clarify all your doubts.




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