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Principais Processos de Soldadura

In an increasing competitive industry there is always a constant demand for new procedures, in which the stability between productivity, quality, costs and safety are balanced. For this reason, in this sector of activity, training is so important.

Aware of the importance of promoting this updated training and providing an effective response to the labor market, Pipe Masters Academy offers courses in the main welding procedures. These aim to respond to market needs and empower trainees in different areas of welding.



MIG MAG Welding

MIG MAG welding is an electric arc technology with shielding gas and consists of establishing an electric arc between the part and a consumable (wire), which will be continuously fused while a flow of inert or active gas protects the metal. MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding uses argon to weld stainless steels, among others. MAG (Metal Active Gas) welding applies a mixture of C02 and argon to carbon steel welding.

The main advantages of this procedure are the possibility of increase productivity, a more economical use and the possibility of the process to be executed in several positions.



Welding TIG

This procedure uses energy produced by an electric arc, which has its origin between the non-consumable electrode and the piece to be welded. The temperature generated by the arc allows to create a fusion bath that joins the piece to the addition metal. This whole procedure takes place in an inert gas environment (argon or helium), which protects the region where the welding takes place.
TIG Welding (Tungsten Inert Gas) is often used, mainly because it allows to control thermal delivery. This factor makes it possible to use it in different situations.We highlight some advantages, such as, not generating splashes making the process cleaner and safer, reduced probability of defects, results with high quality and good finish, among others.



Welding SER

The SER welding, SMAW Welding, is a technique based on the use of a coated electrode that merges with the piece to be welded, due to the fusion bath created by the heat of an electric arc. During welding, gases are produced that protect against atmospheric contamination. This is a procedure that requires , practice and knowledge on the part of the welder, as it is an exclusively manual technique.

 SER welding is a manual process that allows you to acquire dexterity and perfect your technique as a professional welder.




Training in welding at Pipe Masters Academy

Pipe Masters Academy offers several courses at its training center. Among which, MIG MAG Welding, TIG Welding and SER.

In these actions, trainees have the possibility to acquire theoretical and practical skills that will allow them to apply the technique with quality and, above all, safety. The training is conducted by experienced welders who participated in several national and international work at Pipe Masters. This represents an added value, since the trainees know in depth the facilities and difficulties of the labour market.

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