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In welding, the Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) is one of several processes used by metallurgical professionals. At Pipe Masters, we often rely on this procedure, since we produce various types of industrial pipes.
Our rehabilitation project for the RADAG dam, in Germany, is an example of this. Until the completion of the restructuring, our welders made more than 6,000 inches of TIG welding!


What is TIG Welding?


In the TIG welding process, the energy is produced by na electric arc, which is formed between the non-consumable electrode and the part to be welded. The temperature generated by the arc allows to create a melt bath that joins the part to the addition metal. This whole procedure occurs in an inert gas environment (argon or helium), which protects the region where the weld takes place.
TIG welding is widely used, mainly because it allows to control the thermal delivery. This factor makes possible to use it in different situations. For example, welding pipes and sheets of different thicknesses or repairing and maintaining various metals, including aluminum, nickel, copper and magnesium alloys.


5 Key Benefits of TIG Welding


  1. It does not generate splashes, making the entire process cleaner and safer;
  2. Can be used in the welding of most alloys and metals, as well as very thin materials, as it makes possible to control the temperature;
  3. It allows to obtain results of great quality and with a good finish;
  4. The probability of defects is extremely low;
  5. Can be held in any position, facilitating the work of the welder.


TIG Welding Training at Pipe Masters Academy


Being the TIG welding process so used, it is fundamental that the professionals of this area bet on training. Also companies should ensure that their welders keep the techniques and knowledge up to date.
Thinking of both, at Pipe Masters Academy we often offer TIG Welding courses for different levels of knowledge and learning.
Whether on our facilities or in the companies, our trainees have access to a 50 hours training. Classes always start with a theoretical part, which we consider essential for understanding the whole procedure. Subsequently, we move to the practical component, which is performed in individual welding booths. In this way, each trainee has the opportunity to put into action what he/she learns.
At the end of each course, we proceed to a Welder Qualification Exam, according to EN-9606 ASME IX or AWS, for further certification of the Welder Certificate.


Why should you bet on training?


The bet on training is essential for professionals in the metallurgical sector and can become a differentiator factor. At Pipe Masters Academy, courses are taught by experienced professionals. We ensure that our trainees learn from those who actually works in the area and have practical knowledge to share. In this way, students gain at the professional level.
Have doubts? Read the testimony of those who participate in one of our TIG trainings:

I decided to take this course to learn new techniques and acquire knowledge that allows me to solve problems and face the challenges that arise every day. This course is still in the middle and I already feel it has been very useful, because I can put into practice, in my day-to-day, the knowledge that I am getting.
António Ferreira, Pipe Masters Academy graduate


Do you have any questions or would like more information about this training? Do not hesitate, talk to one of our experts, they will clarify you about our courses!





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