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work accidents


The definition of an accident at work is regulated by law no. 98/2009, 04 the September, article 8.  It’s based on as a sudden and unforeseen event, suffered by the employer that occurs at the place at time of work and directly or indirectly produces bodily injury, functional perturbation or  illness that results in reduced ability to work or death.

Awareness and training of employers at workplace are an excellent way to prevent accidents, not neglecting the importance of application the safety measures collective or individual inherent to the activity developed at the company.

Prevention is the best way to avoid accidents from happening. For this reason, the prevention actions depend on the type of exercised activity, the work environment, the technologies and techniques used.



Frequent Causes

The usual work accidents in Portugal are falls, being the failure to comply with safety rules and the non-use of individual protective equipment or its improper use are the main causes of these accidents.



How to prevent

The importance of actions that establish ways to prevent accidents at work, is to preserve the health and physical integrity of employees, as well as, to protect the company from possible penalties for possible accidents.

In this way, the prevention of accidents at work is composed of a set of actions, whose purpose is to prevent the occurrence, within the work environment, of accidents and incidents.

For this, these actions for the prevention of work accidents, fundamentally, three main elements: the human, the environment and the machine.

There are several actions to prevent accidents at work that must be followed to promote a safer and healthier work environment, such as, application of administrative norms, environmental norms, educational norms, occupational hygiene norms, organizational norms.



However, it is important to note the following:


  • Follow all safety rules when performing the most dangerous activities;
  • Organize the workplace;
  • Know what risks and care you should have in your activity and what forms of protection to reduce these risks;
  • Participate in actions or courses of accident prevention measures and devices that are provided to it, namely the correct use of individual protective equipment.



The safety of all employees is very important at Pipe Masters.  In this way, some measures are frequently executed so that the security is assured every day.

Some of the measures of Pipe Masters are: organization of the work environment with clear signaling and instructions, disposition of appropriate episodes to the function of each collaborator, frequent training actions for the disclosure of risks and their forms of prevention, preventive maintenance of the equipment to avoid failures and accidents, among others.

Do you have any questions? Leave us your data! We will contact you in order to clarify in more detail the measures we take in the company to ensure safety.




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