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The specificities of each work require a detailed study in all its phases, from the beginning until the end.
The activities in work to involve various risks, it could result in accidents if when the necessary work measures not taken. However, an application of preventive measures can guarantee safety of everyone.
The project study with the objective of prevention of accidents at work in Pipe Masters, is executed for our Technical of safety and heath at work. Because, only in this way it’s possible to eliminate a lot of risks at work at work.
The Health and Safety Plan (PSS) it’s a fundamental instrument in work safety at shipyard it’s must be elaborate when a work begins to be designed (DI 273/2003).


Safety measures to adopt at work


To ensure the safety of employers, they must take some safety principles such as:


• Identify the risks in activities performed and the equipment’s, substances and used products;
• Combat the risks of origin, for to eliminate or reduce the exposition at this and increase the protect levels;
• Develop and disseminate safety instructions and appropriate to the activity developed by the employer;


Thus, in order to guarantee the safety of everyone on site, THST must:


• Keep the employers informed about PSS and made to accomplish it’s specifications;
• Ensuring the good order and wholesomeness status of the shipyard;
• Make sure that guarantee safety conditions in access, and circulation to all workstations;
• Ensure that work equipment is use safely;
• Inspection regularly and ensure maintenance of installations and equipment before use;
• Define the storage areas of materials, paying particular attention for danger materials;
• Ensure the safety conditions for store, eliminating and recycle waste;
• To provide the appropriate Individual Protection Equipment (IPE) and ensure the proper functioning and information on their use;
• Inform the employers about risks against which Individual Protection Equipment (IPE);
• Information and training about specific measures on special risks;
• Disclose, information about emergency system, into prevention measures, the control and firefighting, relief and evacuation of employers.


Safety at Pipe Masters

Safety at work is a concern for Pipe Masters and its employees. Ensuring that the conditions for a working day without incidents is fundamental for the well-being of employees and for the success of any organization. For this to happen, it’s crucial to implement prevention and protection standards and actions in the best way.


Have a doubt? Leave us your details. We will contact you to explain in more detail the measures we apply in the company to ensure everyone’s safety.


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