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The dam Rheinkraftwerk Albbruck-Dogern AG (RADAG) is located in Dogern, about 100 km from the city of Friborg, Germany. Since 2013, this hydroelectric power plant has been subjected to a rehabilitation process that has caused changes throughout the structure. The conclusion of the work is scheduled for next year and aims to increase its performance by 10%.

Pipe Masters is one of the companies involved in this restructuring, together with the customer Voith Hydro who, once again, relied on our work.


A dam with an ecological concern


Located on the banks of the Rhine river, the RADAG dam is one of Germany’s largest hydroelectric projects. At the time of its construction, in 1933, 3 vertical Kaplan turbines were installed, with about 28MW each. However, during this rehabilitation process, all will be replaced.

RADAG stands out by using the run-of-river system. In this type of dams, the need for deforestation is reduced. This avoids the destruction of the local ecosystem, usually caused by the great floods.

These plants have smaller water reservoirs and take advantage of the flow of rivers to generate electricity. The existing technology does not emit greenhouse gases, making them environmentally friendly.

The concern for nature conservation has resulted in investments, not only to maintain ecological production in the future, but also to create the ideal habitats for the introduction of salmon on the Haut-Rhine and for the treatment of guide fish.


The participation of Pipe Masters in the rehabilitation of the dam


Pipe Masters started its participation in this project in April 2016. In the first phase, it was necessary to dismantle existing equipment in order to initiate changes in the entire dam.

Since then, the company has developed pre-fabrication, assembly and pipe fitting work on site. This is, in fact, one of the services in which its specialists stand out. However, the crucial task will be fulfilled in the final stretch of the work. In the last stage, Pipe Masters will be responsible for several flushing, penetrant and radiographic tests.

In summary, the company’s intervention in the RADAG dam can be divided into 3 essential phases:


  1. Planning

In a project of this magnitude, it is crucial to carry out a first analysis. It aims recognizing the work, confirming the measures and, if necessary, redefining isometrics.


  1. Pre-Manufacture

With a team formed by welders, pipefitters and locksmiths, Pipe Masters performs the work in a phased form. The pre-fabrication consists of the cutting, preparation and welding of the pipes. The professionals will have to carry out, until the end of the project, 6,000-inch TIG welding (Tungsten Inert Gas) in stainless steel tubes, measuring between 22 and 168 millimeters in diameter and 2 and 12 millimeters thick.


  1. In-Site Assembly

After all the piping is ready, the assembly is started in place. Thanks to the strict pre-fabrication, on-site placement is made easy and fast.


This is another major restructuring in which Pipe Masters participates. Learn more about this international project in our ebook Success Cases. Download for free and check details of the work done for COSMO and UNICER customers!





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