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Ffestiniog Power Station, opened in 1963, was the first major reversible system for storing pumped water in the United Kingdom. The hydroelectric power station is located next to the town of Ffestiniog, in Gwynedd, northwest of Wales, United Kingdom.

This hydroelectric power station has undergone a rehabilitation process that led to changes in its entire structure.

Pipe Masters has a fundamental role in this project, in charge of Voith Hydro, which once again placed confidence in our work.



Participation of Pipe Masters in the reconditioning of the dam

Pipe Masters started its participation in this project in 2018. In a first phase, in direct collaboration with the engineering company Voith Hydro, Pipe Masters developed the detailed engineering of all the piping to be replaced, from the drawings and definition of paths and supports, up to the Procurement of materials, activity planning, supply, manufacture and transport of all the piping from its facilities in Póvoa de Varzim, up to the dam in Wales.

In summary, this work in ffestiniog dam can be divided into some phases such as:


  • Detail Engineering

Based on the engineering of the entire process and equipment developed by our client, Pipe Masters had to design all the piping that connects the different equipment necessary for the perfect functioning of the energy generating groups, from the cooling pipe, hydraulic piping, water supply and drainage and others.


  • Procurement of materials

This activity lasted for 4 months after the award of the contract and it was quite demanding because the specificity of the materials in question, often with unusual diameter and thickness dimensions in many cases, it forced the specific production by our suppliers. In total, for the 2 generator sets, Pipe Masters supplied about 3000m of tubing and tubing accessories of different grades of stainless steel, with diameters ranging between DN6 and DN300 and thicknesses between 1.0 and 12.5mm.


  • Prefabrication

In accordance with the planning duly defined for the needs of the work, Pipe Masters carried out the manufacture of the entire piping of each of the 2 generator groups, from the pumping groups to the turbine and generator, based on the customer´s engineering, the detailed engineering developed by Pipe Masters and all international standards and technical specifications of the project.
It should be noted that close to 15000 hours of work were spent without any work accident, having met all delivery deadlines according to the previously defined planning.


  • Logistics and Transportation

All transport of materials and equipment for the work was carried out by land, with around 12 trucks being required to transport all the prefabrication and equipment to the dam in Wales.


  • Disassembly and Assembly of Piping and Equipment

Pipe Masters was also contracted to dismantle the existing piping, installed since 1963 in this hydroelectric Power Station in the 2 generator groups to be used and after the assembly of all equipment ( pumps, tanks, valves, turbines, generators, etc ) and all pre-manufactured including supports and accessories, insulation and ground connections.
To take charge of this task, Pipe Masters needed around 35 professionals from the most diverse areas ( Mechanics, Welders, Tubers, Locksmiths, Electricians) for about 15 months, having so far totalled more than 100.000 hours of work without any work accident.



This is yet another international reference project that Pipe Masters is proud to participate in, not only for the environment project, but also for the challenge, responsibility and demand that this project entails.


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