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The production unit at Skärblacka, on the outskirts of Norrköping, in Östergötland, is a world-leaning manufacture hight-quality glaze kraft paper(MG) with the best possibility printing and color rendering, QuickFill® quality paper with hight strength and porosity and also flowing ( the corrugated layer of corrugated board).

Pipe Masters played a key role in this project, in charge of LDX-Lundberg in supply, prefabrication and assembly.


Pipe Masters participation in the assembly of the new Talloja Unit


Pipe Masters started participation in this project in December 2019.

In collaboration with tne engineering company LDX-Lundberg, a Pipe Masters intervened in the “Procurement”of materials, activity planning, supply, manufacture, transport and assembly of all piping from its facilities in Póvoa de Varzim – Portugal, to Skärblacka Sweden.

In summary, Pipe Masters intervention in the company Billerudkorsnas can be divided into some phases, such as:


  • Procuremment of materials

This activity lasted for 3 weeks after the contract was awarded and was highly demanded, as the specifics of the materials in question were the unusual dimensions (diameter and thickness).

Pipe Masters prefabrication about 720” of s carbon steel tubing and 2940 “of stainless-steel tubing with variable diameters DN20 and DN150 and thickness of 3mm.


  • Prefabrication 

In accordance with planning duly defined for the needs of the work, Pipe Masters carried out the manufacture of all the piping of the new Talloja, based on the customer’s basic engineering (LDX).

Once again, Pipe Masters  that all delivery deadlines have been met according to the previously defined planning and agreement with cliente.


  • Logistics and transport 

All transport of materials and equipment for the work was carried out by land, requiring several trucks for this purpose.


  • Assembly

In order to carry out this a task, Pipe Masters needed 5 teams on the ground, made up of tubers, welders and locksmiths.

After placing all the equipment (Pumps, Decanters, Brine and Acid-Mixer) all the assembly of prefabricated piping including brackets and all instruments was carried out.


This was yet another international project that Pipe Masters is proud to participate, not only for the environment and dimension of the entire project, but also for the challenge, responsibility and demands that is project entails.


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