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Projetos internacionais Pipe Masters


There is an increasing need to look for specialized companies to carry out certain projects.In view of the considerable increase in the subcontracting of specialized companies, Pipe Masters offers its services in the areas of welding, metalworking, engineering and projects to fill internal needs. Experience, confidence and know-how of qualified human resources that, under subcontracting, add value to the contracting company. We highlight some of the projects we develop by subcontracting companies:


New Talloja Unit – Sweden

The production unit at Skärblacka on the outskirts of Norrköping, in Östergöland, is a world-leaning manufacture hight-quality glazer  kraft paper (MG) with the best possibility printing and color rendering, QuickFill®quality paper with hight strength and porosity and also flowing (the corrugated layer of corrugated board).

In collaboration with the engineering company LDX-Lundberg, a Pipe Masters intervened in the “Procuurement” of materials, activity planning, supply, manufacture, transport and assembly of all piping from its facilities in Póvoa de Varzim- Portugal, to Skärblacka Sweden.

In order to carry out this task, Pipe Masters needed 5 teams on the ground, made up of tubers, welders and locksmiths.

After placing all the equipment (Pumps, Decanters, Brine and Acid-Mixer) all the assembly of prefabricated piping including brackets and all instruments was carried out.
This was yet another international project that Pipe Masters is proud to participate, not only for the environment and dimension of the entire project, but also for the challenge, responsibility and demands that is project entails.



Ffestiniog Dam – United Kingdom

Ffestiniog Power Station, opened in 1963, was the first major reversible system for storing pumped water in the United Kingdom. The hydroelectric power station is located next to the town of Ffestiniog, in Gwynedd, northwest of Wales, United Kingdom.

This hydroelectric power station has undergone a rehabilitation process that led to changes in its entire structure.

In a first phase, in direct collaboration with the engineering company Voith Hydro, Pipe Masters developed the detailed engineering of all the piping to be replaced, from the drawings and definition of paths and supports, up to the Procurement of materials, activity planning, supply, manufacture and transport of all the piping from its facilities in Póvoa de Varzim, up to the dam in Wales.


Dam Radag – Germany

The dam Rheinkraftwerk Albbruck-Dogern AG(RADAG) is located in Dogern, about 100 km from the city of Friborg, Germany. Since 2013, this hydroelectric power plant has been subjected to a rehabilitation process that has caused changes throughout the structure. The conclusion of the work is scheduled for next year and aims to increase its performance by 10%.

Pipe Mastersis one of the companies involved in this restructuring, together with the customer Voith Hydrowhoonce again, relied on our work.

In the first phase, it was necessary to dismantle existing equipment in order to initiate changes in the entire dam.

Since then, the company has developed pre-fabricationassembly and pipe fitting work on site. This is, in fact, one of the services in which its specialists stand out. However, the crucial task will be fulfilled in the final stretch of the work. In the last stage, Pipe Masters will be responsible for several flushingpenetrant and radiographic tests.

This is another major restructuring in which Pipe Masters participates.




Refinary Natema – Madagáscar

The refinery NATEMA (Natural Extracts Madagáscar) is another international work with the participation of Pipe Masters. Located in Toamasina, Madagascar, this processing plant was the result of a partnership between Givaudan, a world leader in the perfumes and fragrances industry, and the Malagasy association Henri Fraise Fils & Cie.

Being a direct supplier of NATEMA, its main role and priority was the supervision of the metallic buildings of the facilities. However, it has also actively participated in the construction and assembly of industrial pipesequipments and metal structures.

All this work was possible thanks to the action of the extremely professional expert technicians that Pipe Masters has. These are the ones that allow the company to continue to earn the trust of several international partners. The quality of the carried out interventions continues to speak for itself!


Know other projects, nationally and internationally, developed by Pipe Masters. Download for free our ebook Success Cases and explore the details and potentialities of some major works done for different clients.




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