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Tubagens para linhas de distribuição de ar

In view of the vast experience and quality in the works performed, Pipe Masters was selected to produce about 5000” of carbon steel tubing for later delivery to the client in Ireland.

As Pipe Masters is a company with a recognized quality management system, all pipeline production processes and phases require compliance with certain assumptions in order to ensure that the requirements and quality required by customers are achieved.


Pipe Masters participation in the manufacture of pipes for air distribution lines


The process of constructing industrial pipes involves several phases that start with the entire pipe cutting process and culminate in the shipment to the customer.


  • Material cut

The project started with the cutting of materials. Firstly, an organization of cuts by diameter and thickness and also always with the objective of improving the use of raw material, cutting lists are drawn up. The cutting operator is responsible for checking the process and for ensuring that the traceability of the material remains unchanged.


  • Preparation and pre-assembly

Pipe fitter are responsible for preparation and pre-assembly. Being specialized operators and with a vast know-how, the pipe fitter selects the necessary materials are selected for the execution of complete line.

With the raw material from the cut separated and identified, tubes and other accessories such as curves, reductions, etc. are prepared to be welded at a later stage. This preparation includes cleaning and chamfering according to the applicable codes/ standards (Section IX ASME BOILER and Pressure Vessel Code).

With the tubes and accessories ready, the pipe fitter pre-assembles the tubes, always ensuring that the welding clearances are met and that the shape and dimensions are those shown in the technical drawings.

In the end, the pipe fitter performs the control thus ensuring that the lines meet the dimensions shown in the drawings and also that the regulatory requirements have been met.


  • Welding

The welding process starts with the internal verification of the validity of the welder certificates for the welding process that will be used on the job.
Therefore, taking into account delivery deadlines and welding diameters and thickness, certification exams for welders in the TIG process we carried out at an early stage.

The welder must, in the course of his work, guarantee certain mandatory requirements both in the internal processes of Pipe Masters and as one of the requirements of the client such as traceability of the welding. The welder records which welds he has carried out and which batch of addition materials he has used.

This operation, and having the ASME Code used as a guideline, must follow the indications transcribed in the associated welding Procedure – WPS.

In spite of all dimensional control and welding parameters, and taking into account what was recorded in the Inspection and Test Plan (PEI), radiographic tests were carried out at 10% of the top welded joints. As a result of the experience and dedication of our elders, all tests have been successfully passed.

After the production of the various lines was completed, it was necessary to proceed to the final inspection before its dispatch. Thus, for all lines, the conformity of from and dimension were checked and recorded.


This work, characterized by a close follow-up and great commitment from all, was completed before the time initially agreed with the client and without any record of occurrence or accident.


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