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The refinery NATEMA (Natural Extracts Madagáscar) is another international work with the participation of Pipe Masters. Located in Toamasina, Madagascar, this processing plant was the result of a partnership between Givaudan, a world leader in the perfumes and fragrances industry, and the Malagasy association Henri Fraise Fils & Cie.

Recognizing the need to increase exports, the government saw in this refinery an opportunity to create a sustainable project in the leaf clove oil sector in Madagascar. The intention was to produce eugenol, an aromatic compound with antiseptic properties.


A refinery committed to sustainability


Madagascar is the second largest producer of clove oil worldwide. It produces about 18 thousand tons per year. The choice of the installation of a new refinery in this country was therefore obvious. Givaudan already had two processing plants on the African continent and intended to increase the production capacity of that raw material.

In this Malagasy refinery, there is a commitment to sustainability. NATEMA has the concern of reducing its environmental impact. Thus, water from rain is used in the processing of the clove. Residues resulting from distillation are also recycled. There is still the care to use sustainable energies, coming from biomass boilers and solar panels.

The company constantly seeks to develop its productive capacity taking into account these concerns. NATEMA has obtained an environmental license based on its commitments to the preservation of the environment and the technical training of various stakeholders in the sector.


Pipe Masters had an active participation in the construction of the refinery


It was in this specific context, of the NATEMA´s commitment to the sustainability of the production process and the permanent development of infrastructures, buildings and production areas, that Pipe Masters intervened.

Being a direct supplier of NATEMA, its main role and priority was the supervision of the metallic buildings of the facilities. However, it has also actively participated in the construction and assembly of industrial pipes, equipments and metal structures.

All this work was possible thanks to the action of the extremely professional expert technicians that Pipe Masters has. These are the ones that allow the company to continue to earn the trust of several international partners. The quality of the carried out interventions continues to speak for itself!


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