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A Work Project, to be successful, should have a carefully crafted work plan in place. Regardless of the activity or construction to be carried out, each company must structure and plan, in advance, all the details.

In this way, it becomes possible to verify everything that is necessary to accomplish the work project within the established deadlines. In addition, early planning allows anticipating possible difficulties and creating solutions.


The drafting of a work plan at the Pipe Masters


At Pipe Masters, the planning of construction projects is made by our Production Manager, Bruno Dias. One of its functions is to carry out the detailed analysis of the plans presented by the clients.

This verification involves the observation of the place where the work will take place, as well as the verification of the isometric drawings that the client provides to carry out the work. In cases where the company does not provide the isometric design, the evaluation of the area where the intervention will be carried out later becomes even more essential. It’s from this that the drafts that will help in the creation of the work plan will be elaborated.

According to Bruno Dias, the analysis that is done of the work project has several issues. Among them is the identification of obstacles that the work may suffer during its implementation.

The truth is that in any project, there may be setbacks. However, these can be safeguarded or even avoided if, in advance, a careful evaluation of the types of materials to be used and nonconformities in the isometrics, among other factors, is carried out.

All the information that is collected and observed is important for the next phase: the elaboration of the work plan.


The importance of planning for a successful project


The work plan is, indeed, a crucial tool for the success and effectiveness of any work project. It allows to organize, define and plan all aspects, analyzing key factors such as:

  • Number of inherent employees;
  • Times associated with each task;
  • General deadlines;
  • Financial control;
  • Tools, media and materials needed.

All this process is carried out according to the norms demanded by the work and by the cliente.

Of course, during the construction, it is equally important to constantly monitor and verify the parameters defined in the work plan. In this way, if necessary, it can be adjusted or corrected.

At Pipe Masters, through the accomplishment of all these steps, we managed to guarantee the quality of our work. We can also ensure the satisfaction of our customers.


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