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Curvar Tubos_PipeMasters

Bending Pipes: Get to know our most recent acquisition

Pipe Masters bet, recently, in the acquisition of a new bending machine, model e-MOB 63 CNC of AMOB. This acquisition allowed us to increase the level of demand, productivity, efficiency and precision in the bending of profiles up to 63mm. This way, we can provide a faster and quality service to customers who need to […]

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Pipe Masters

History of Pipe Masters

  Pipe Masters was founded in 2003 by Marco Oliveira. Initially, his garage was is workshop and the car his office. With few resources, but a lot of determination, the company grew, being today a reference company in the areas in which it operates.   A little bit about Marco Oliveira The world of metalomechanic […]

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Metalworking: Find out the advantages of industrial skids!

The metalworking industry, as well as any industry sector, deal with the need to produce more at a lowest possible cost. In order to give an answer to this pretension, solutions were created to promote productivity and, simultaneously, optimize costs and resources. This led to the origin of industrial skids.   What are industrial skids? […]

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Soldadura TIG

Get to know the main applications of TIG Welding method

TIG Welding (Tungsten Inert Gas) is a method that has significant benefits and, consequently, is widely used in several industrial sectors. The quality and reliability of the welds produced through this technique make it appropriate to be used in nuclear and aerospace industries. The high velocities this procedure is capable of achieving make it ideal […]

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Internationalization: Safe bet or a threat to the companies?

Internationalization is becoming a strategy for many national enterprises. In recent decades, the globalization of markets is an increasingly evident reality. This does not just apply to major corporations groups but also to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. In this global scenario, new actors, different business models and more developed trading platforms began to appear. Which may seem a […]

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