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Manutenção Industrial

Industrial Maintenance: 4 benefits for an effective preventive plan

A preventive maintenance plan is a record of all preventive maintenance activities, as well as their frequency, periodicity, location of the equipment, materials and parts to be used and who are the professionals responsible carrying out the activity. This plan must be designed in a way to support all professionals so that everyone involved can […]

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desenho industrial

6 factors to take into account before preparing an industrial design

  A successful work project must have in it base an industrial design a carefully prepared. Regardless of activity sector or the construction to be carried, each company must structure and plan, in advance, all pomerons. The industrial design must be intelligible, once a bridge between the costumer and production. The customer and workshop must […]

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Metalworking: Find out the advantages of industrial skids!

The metalworking industry, as well as any industry sector, deal with the need to produce more at a lowest possible cost. In order to give an answer to this pretension, solutions were created to promote productivity and, simultaneously, optimize costs and resources. This led to the origin of industrial skids.   What are industrial skids? […]

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Soldadura TIG

Get to know the main applications of TIG Welding method

TIG Welding (Tungsten Inert Gas) is a method that has significant benefits and, consequently, is widely used in several industrial sectors. The quality and reliability of the welds produced through this technique make it appropriate to be used in nuclear and aerospace industries. The high velocities this procedure is capable of achieving make it ideal […]

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Soldadura Orbital

Orbital Welding: Know what it is and discover its advantages!

Don’t know the Orbital Welding process yet? If we talk about TIG Welding (Tungsten Inert Gas), it may be more familiar. The truth is Orbital Welding is nothing more than a TIG Welding type. It is called Orbital because, in this case, is realized by equipment (welding head) which ensure the tungsten electrode arch spins […]

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