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Tubagens para linhas de distribuição de ar

Pipes for air distribution lines

In view of the vast experience and quality in the works performed, Pipe Masters was selected to produce about 5000” of carbon steel tubing for later delivery to the client in Ireland. As Pipe Masters is a company with a recognized quality management system, all pipeline production processes and phases require compliance with certain assumptions […]

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Projeto Suécia

New Talloja Unit

  The production unit at Skärblacka, on the outskirts of Norrköping, in Östergötland, is a world-leaning manufacture hight-quality glaze kraft paper(MG) with the best possibility printing and color rendering, QuickFill® quality paper with hight strength and porosity and also flowing ( the corrugated layer of corrugated board). Pipe Masters played a key role in this […]

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Ffestiniog Dam

  Ffestiniog Power Station, opened in 1963, was the first major reversible system for storing pumped water in the United Kingdom. The hydroelectric power station is located next to the town of Ffestiniog, in Gwynedd, northwest of Wales, United Kingdom. This hydroelectric power station has undergone a rehabilitation process that led to changes in its […]

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